Meet the 5-Star Pastry Ambassadors

PreGel AMERICA and PreGel’s 5-Star Pastry Series® is excited to present its national 5-Star Ambassador Program. The program represents our ongoing dedication to education and creating positive synergies throughout the pastry industry to ensure that the craft continues to remain strong and flourish.

The goal of the program is to provide pastry chefs across the country real solutions to the challenges faced by our dynamic and changing industry. To successfully accomplish this, we have selected high-level 5-Star Ambassadors that are industry professionals, have versatile talents and achievements, and a strong commitment to the overall elevation of the industry.

Our 5-Star Ambassadors will be providing pastry and frozen dessert demos throughout the year in their designated regions. The program is aimed at pastry chefs looking to learn new techniques, gain valuable tips, try new products and test new recipes.

Take a minute to get to know our current 5-Star Ambassadors and find out more about the demos they will be offering in your region!

Bon Appétit!